3Dfury allows you to view 3D content from your PS3, Blu-ray player, satellite/cable or internet on all standard 50/60Hz or 100/120Hz HD displays with either Digital or Analog inputs or both at the same time !

If your HDTV or projector can play regular non-3D games and Blu-ray movies then the 3Dfury will work for you! It turns your existing HDTV or projector into a 3D home theater!

If your HDTV or projector cannot play HDMI content because it lacks of a HDMI input, 3Dfury can still turn it into a 3D home theater, thanx to embedded HDMI converter based on HDfury technology.

Upgrade to 3D and HDMI at a fraction of the cost of buying a new display!

The 3Dfury supports every 3D signal type in existence today including frame-packing, side-by-side, top-bottom. It is firmware updatable so that new features can be added in the future as needed!


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